PTMC balloon

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The disease of Rheumatoid Mitral-Valve Stricture is commonly seen. It may cause heart-energy exhaustion for patients, or even result in death. Bag-expending Conduit can expand the Mitral Valve, puncturing through the skin, with the benefits of little trauma, no chest opening and relative surety, and it is well adopted by patients.
It is obviously curative to patients with Mitral-Valve diseases, Mitral Valve closing incompletely, single Mitral –Valve Stricture, and aorta closing incompletely. It is clinically proved that patients feel much better after operations, heart function, symptom, physical appearance, parameter of blood pressure dynamics and the opening space of Mitral Valve evidently perfected.
 Vltrasonic diagnoses are needed for patients before operations to acquaint the valves and the structure under the valves and to choose the structure under the valves, and to choose the diameters of bags. The best choices is academically beginning with diameters of 2-3mm and gradually increasing it to avoid Mitral Valve backflow.

Type of Catheter:


 Type of Catheter  Diameter of Balloon(mm)  Height of Patient(mm)
 XBKD-30  30±2  180
 XBKD-28  28±2  160-179
 XBKD-26 26±2  148-159
 XBKD-24  24±2  120-147
 XBKD-22 22±2  120

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